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Borgcast Galactica

Welcome to Borgcast Galactica- where Anne-Marie and Peter journey through Glen A Larson's Battlestar Galactica, Galactica 1980 and Ronald D Moore's BSG.

Expect beer, music and Peter drooling over spaceships.

Podcast artwork provided by the awesome Lee Medcalf and Andy Poulastides, and the music at the beginning of the cast is played by the equally awesome Drew Barker.

Feel free to check out our long-running Star Trek TNG, DS9 & Disco podcast, the Borgcast.

Apr 18, 2020

Anne-Marie and Peter give their views on Scar and Sacrifice.

Next time, recording Fri 1st May they look at The Captain's Hand and Downloaded.

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Apr 4, 2020

Aka, Apollo falls for Shivan?!

It comes to something when you're watching BSG for light relief from our current circumstances, but somehow Anne-Marie and Peter manage to get some laughs from two fairly bleak episodes- Epiphanies and Black Market.

Next time, recording Thur 16th, they cover Scar and Sacrifice.

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